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Attention, Xbox 360 fans with an incurable case of Bieber Fever! The Tiger Beat coverboy and teenage pop star is buddying up with his friends at Microsoft to bring you hands-on time with Project Natal this fall.


Xbox 360 is underwriting the Bieb's "My World" tour this fall, which will be schlepping Project Natal playable kiosks across the United States and Canada, giving you a chance to fawn over Justin and (maybe) play Joy Ride with your hands and feet.

Here's the official enthusiasm.

"We're thrilled to partner with such a talented star," said Grover Holtzclaw, Xbox director of platform and partner marketing and vice president of having an amazing name. "Justin Bieber's known for his ability to entertain fans, and now with "Project Natal" for Xbox 360, fans can enjoy an extraordinary entertainment experience on the Bieber concert stage and in their own homes this holiday season."


As an experiment in testing Natal's pre-teen squealing frequency detection, it's a sound plan!

New Dates Added to "My World" Tour Presented by Xbox 360 [Justin Beiber's Official Site - thanks, Robert!]

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