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Last month Adam Barenblat started uploading our videos and podcasts over to iTunes for the iPhone, Touch, and iPod owners out there.


Of course it wasn't long before we heard from Zune owners, hoping to get their portable Kotaku on the Microsoft media player.

Today we've invaded the Zune Marketplace as well. So now if you must, must listen to Fahey as he talks about the economy while getting whaled on by a Left 4 Dead tank, now you can with your iWhatever, Zune or other media devices. Appropriate links to follow.


We'll be putting up all of our new content on Zune and iTunes and are continuing to dig through Kotaku's golden oldies in an attempt to convert and upload some of them as well. And while you're at it, drop a review on our podcasts on iTunes. We're ranked in the top ten right now, but we have a paltry nine reviews.

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lol @ zune.