Get Your Hands On Rachel In Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

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Stopping by Tecmo today for a little hands-on with Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, I learned that everyone's favorite ridiculously large-chested blonde is the third additional playable character in the PlayStation 3 exclusive remake.

It was almost a given, seeing as how chesty ninja Rachel was a playable character in the first Ninja Gaiden Sigma, but during GDC Producer Yosuke Hayashi would only say, "Maybe you'll see her. She's a very important part of Team Ninja..." Well that maybe is now a definitely, and Rachel joins Ryu, Ayane, and Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword's Momiji as a playable character in the Sigma 2.


Though Rachel was announced, the demo I played had me hopping about as Ayane, who plays just as you would expect her to play in an environment far less constrained than the fighting ring or beach volleyball court, flipping, spinning, and just basically being Ayane. A worthy addition to the roster.

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Please Ninjas do not touch Samus' boobs.

You know what I mean.