Get Your First Look at Mass Effect's New Female Shepard in Action

In this new trailer for the fast-approaching Mass Effect 3, we get to see a lot of old scenes played out by a very new face.


This is your first in-game look at the new default female Commander Shepard, fresh off the public auction block and replacing the old standard model.

On the plus side? She looks older than she did in the promo material, and she also looks like more of a character this time around; I'd always felt the old default felt was an afterthought, looking so blank that she may as well have been an NPC.

On the down side? Loads of people got used to that NPC face, so this will all be quite a shock for them.


Evan Waugh

wtf? WHY are people happy over this?

Can you IMAGINE, just please IMAGINE the backlash if they changed the default MALE Model of Shepherd for Mass Effect 3, EVERYBODY would be calling out for Bioware's HEADS!

But since they're changing the default "FEMALE" Version, nobody gives a shit?

This is a HUGE DEAL. They're changing the default female shepherd established and developed from Mass Effect 1.

I smell sexism in Bioware's fans. If you would criticism them changing Shepherd's male appearance, criticism this decision too. It's a horrible horrible decision