Get Unlimited Gold in Skyrim. Easy!

A glitch in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim apparently allows players to earn unlimited gold by picking up copies of The Doors of Oblivion over and over and over again.


The book is worth 50 Gold, so by picking up copies of the book over and over again, you have a seemingly endless supply of money that is dependent largely on how long you want to pick up the book from a skeleton.

The skeleton might disappear, but, if you remember where it was, you can still pick up the book.


This glitch apparently has not yet been patched, and Kotaku, who hasn't had a chance to confirm, is following up with Bethesda.

The above walkthrough was done by YouTube user MalavarTCOne. There is a more in depth walkthrough by YouTube user Motherofgod4 in the above gallery.

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Nerubian Assassin, the Writer

Jebus half the damn comments are about PC elitists 'pitying' the peasant console gamers. Coming from a guy who games on both PC and 360 and bought Skyrim for the 360, no one gives a shit that the PC version has the console to get infinite gold from. There's a reason you would buy a game like Skyrim, for the damn CHALLENGE. No gold? Go dungeon crawling. Jeez