Geek we love? Mike Fahey. Tech site geeksugar has an intimate Q&A with Kotaku Associate Editor Michael Fahey. Perfect for budding Fahey stalkers!

The interview's wall-to-wall fun, tongue planted firmly in cheek — Fahey's favorite place to plant it. Topics covered include how Fahey got into gaming, why it might not good for gamers to get involved with gamers and which console he'd pick if he was on a desert island.


"...I'd have to say the Nintendo 64," says Fahey, "because if you turn it around and look at it just right, it could pass for a face. Not a very pleasant face..."

(And what about you reader person? Which console would you want to spend your time stranded on an island with?)

Full interview below. Read it!

Geeks We Love: Mike Fahey of Kotaku [geeksugar]

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