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"Get Three Computers"

To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Day Note: The Soundtrack Of Our "Lives" USING MY WIFE'S COMPUTER IS DRIVING ME BANANAS. It's perfect for surfing the web and buying stuff off Amazon, but not work, not work. The languid pace at which it pinwheels nearly caused me to pop a gasket. And I'm still three or four days away from when I'll get my own computer back. Gah. Was talking to my father-in-law about this. He's a photographer and was telling me that he has three of every camera he owns. The reason being is that he always takes two of the exact same cameras to shoots — if one is in repairs, he'll still have two of the same camera he can take. He pointed out that it was probably a waste of money, but always did insure that his work flow was never disturbed. "You should buy three MacBook Pros," he joked. If only! What you missed last night EA's Awesome Fix For Missing Red Alert 3 CD Key Characters How Angelina Jolie Explains Game Violence To Her Kids Playing With Yourself Feels Good, Doesn't It? Price Drops? Nintendo President Not A Fan DSi Sound Impressions DSi Camera Impressions


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I can see the wisdom in that; I have 3 homebuilts set up myself. One is my main computer (AMD dual-core 2.6ghz) for gaming and daily use, one directly behind me (Pentium 4 3.2ghz) for minor video editing (mostly for converting VHS tapes to DVD) and one in my workroom (Pentium 4 2.8ghz) for when I need it while working on someone's computer (plus I have an air conditioner in there).

off-subject...if you are reading this and are eligible to vote and have not done so, GET GOIN'! ^_^