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Get Salty Mario Kart 8 Figures In Your Next Happy Meal

Illustration for article titled Get Salty emMario Kart 8/em Figures In Your Next Happy Meal

Great news, people who like buying their food in creepy boxes. Once McDonald's gets over this How To Train Your Dragon 2 business, the next Happy Meal toys are Ty's Teenie Beenie Boos. Or I guess you could go with the Mario Kart 8 figures.


What we'll be having is a fine selection of racers, some in hover mode, others with their rubber meeting the road. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Toad, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Donkey Kong look nice enough, but my $4 and change is on that sweet plastic visor. It Won't fit my giant head, but I can wear two on my shoulders to complete my thrift store M. Bison costume.

And no, Luigi isn't sporting his "death stare". That's what toy modding is for.

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Why is everyone so creeped out by the Happy Meal box mascot?