PC gamers may want to have some extra cash on-hand in a few month's time, because both AMD and Nvidia are expected to release the "next generation" of graphics chips later this year.

A report over on VentureBeat says that the debut of this "next gen" tech will be so important to both companies that "it's bound to drive the stock prices of the rivals involved either up or down through the rest of the year".


At the moment, AMD are tipped to have their new hardware on the market first, timed for release alongside Microsoft's new Windows 7. Nvidia, meanwhile, are keeping quiet on the release of their new chips, leading some to speculate that they've fallen behind a little with their design.

Both companies will be making extensive use of 40nm chips on their new cards, and both are expected to have support for DirectX 11 across their range within a year or so.

Graphics chip rivals race to deliver next-generation chips [VentureBeat]

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