With less than two months to polling day the time is ripe for Stardock to try and push copies of their Presidential Election sim The Political Machine 2008 - i.e. before the entire nation becomes so heartily sick of the election process that it would sooner set fire to its collective genitals than pay cash money for anything to do with politics. Any armchair Karl Roves might be tempted by a freebie version of the game, The Political Machine Express'08, which offers all the thrills and spills of the full game's 21-week election campaign, less a couple of extra features (such as running historical campaigns or trying to become president of an alien world) We thought the 2004 edition relied a little too much on issues and rational thought - cynics and realists will be pleased to learn that the '08 version incorporates spin doctors, smear merchants and political intimidation. The Political Machine Express '08[Stardock]