Indie game developers get it: people don't have a lot of money these days. And while they'd love to sell their creations at full price, it's given that a lower-priced offering will get people to try games like Canabalt or World of Goo out and come back to try out even more titles.


That's why a bunch of developers—including 2D Boy, Gaijin Games, Double Fine and more are—have gotten together for the Because We May sale, which offers titles like Zen Bound 2, Psychonauts and Darwinia for cut-rate prices. You can browse lists of games available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac platforms for great bargains. Seriously, if there's an indie game that's been worth a damn in the last few years, it's probably on this list.

The sale goes until June 1st so head on over to the sale's official site and get to work building a great library of independently create games.


Because We May

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