Get A Taste Of The Ark With Brink At PAX East

Eager to get your hands on Bethesda and Splash Damage's Brink? We've played it a ton already, but if you're interested in Brink's brand of team-based shoot 'em up action and you happen to be in Boston this weekend, say for PAX East, you can get your hands on the game this weekend in an interesting location.

You'll have to leave PAX East HQ to do so and head on over to the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal on Boston's waterfront, a setting designed to give players the impression of visiting the Ark itself. Bethesda and event throwers I Am 8-bit promise the following amenities:

  • 48 kiosks for 8x8 team multiplayer battles the entire night
  • Food & Beverage
  • Goodie bags for everyone (but the first 200 passengers get something even more special)
  • Live Art
  • Charity tournament at night's end for $20,000 gifted to Child's Play

This is happening tomorrow night, Friday, March 11, PAX attendees, from 8 to 11pm. Right here:

Black Falcon Terminal
1 Black Falcon Avenue
Boston, MA 02110

Here's your invite.


Brink At PAX East

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