Get A Taste of Red Faction Armageddon On May 3

Get your ass to a limited portion of Mars with the Red Faction Armageddon demo, currently slated to come to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on May 3. Sorry, PC gamers, but there won't be a demo for you. []


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And people wonder why I hope console gaming dies out.

I guess I'll have to be happy I got duke coming. If I wanted to try a 360 game to determine if I want the pc version, I wouldn't have a PC to begin with.

What's their excuse? Oh we don't have time.

Why don't they just make it easy and come out and say it: f*** you PC gamers! lulz!

Though these days it's more like: People still play games on PC? Dude!! I thought that console died with the dreamcast!

If you can make a demo for 360 and ps3, but not PC, when it is coming to PC, that just shows me what a poor product i'd be buying anyway. Sorry, I'll spend my money on a copy of Duke BoS for PC. Gearbox doesn't ditch us.