German Left 4 Dead Cover Is Only Half-Censored

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Earlier this week, we noticed that the German box art for Left 4 dead had been edited. Some gore removed, an extra digit added. Well, EA have let us know that only one of the game’s boxes has been edited. The game’s other box – yes, it’s shipping with two covers - is OK! Turns out the game will ship with a paper sleeve. This sleeve, which is all you’ll be able to see when looking at the game on a store shelf, has the edited image. But when you get the game home and remove the sleeve, you'll see the actual DVD case, which has the regular, thumbless, geddit-zombies-eat-thumbs cover. From humourless to efficient! We've run the gamut of German stereotypes in less than a week.


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I find Germany's censorship laws funny. They don't allow any alluding to Nazi content, yet they have no problem being extremely strict(almost as bad as the communist Chinese government) in their ways. I understand somewhat, but still it seems a bit stupid.