However, Cavill was worried about using the voice on the show, even after the creators and producers agreed it was the better option. This was because the raspy voice he put on for filming was “clearly inspired” by Doug Cockle’s performance as Geralt in The Witcher games developed by CD Projekt Red.


“I don’t want to seem like I’m plagiarizing another professional’s extraordinary work,” explained Cavill. “I had a look at it, had a listen to it, and I thought, ‘actually they are different enough.’”

After he felt comfortable using the voice in the show, and once producers agreed it sounded better, they then had to reshoot some scenes to include the raspy voice. But in the end, it was the right call.

Season two of The Witcher on Netflix will be out this December. For folks who love both the games and the show, I’ve got good news. On July 9 it was announced that the next-gen port of The Witcher 3 will include new, free DLC inspired by the Netflix show. That port and its new content will be out later this year.

(h/t: PC Gamer)

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