George Romero Explains The Story Behind Call of The Dead... Then Gets Zombified

The Escalation Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops hit the Xbox 360 today and with it comes Call of the Dead, a star-studded zombie expansion that features it's own story and a new backdrop.


Here's a look at how the game opens up and a surprise explanation of the back story by director turned head zombie George Romero.

Be warned, this video shows the entire opening of the Call of the Dead expansion pack and the video you're treated to when you finally give up.

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I love (read: hate) all the comments that say "I hate Call of Duty, but I need this." You hate Call of Duty because you're too elitist to like something popular, but you're not over zombie tropes, which had their renaissance in 2003 and have been dying a grossly overplayed death since. It's the mouth-breathingest form of hypocrisy.