The creator of the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas, is suing the creators of the Jedi Mind thought technology tech.

Jedi Mind, Inc. makes a handful of thought-controlled software and a brainwave detecting headset. Jedi Mind's "Master Mind" is, according to the official website, "the revolutionary gaming application that allows users to play their favorite PC games with the power of their mind." Jedi Mind claims that it is possible to play World of Warcraft and Call of Duty with the Master Mind.


The company's moniker references the "Jedi Mind trick" of the Star Wars universe. LucasFilm sent a cease-and-desist letter to Jedi Mind in May 2009. Reuters reports that Brent Fouch, Jedi Mind's honcho, offered to phase out the Jedi Mind name.

LucasFilm accepted this offer, but now states that Jedi Mind has not followed through with its end of the bargain.

As Reuters points out, LucasFilms has trademarks on "Jedi Knight", "Jedi Power Battles" and "Jedi Training Academy", but not directly on "Jedi Mind". (Doh!)

However, LucasFilm says it has control over "all characteristics associated with the Jedi knights not memorialized in a registered trademark ... (including) Jedi robes, the lightsaber weapon, the power to levitate objects, a telepathic oneness with other Jedi and the universe, and the ability to shoot energy beams called 'Force Lightning' from the fingertips."


Reuters reports that LucasFilm is seeking injunctive relief and recovery of damages estimated at US$5 million. The studio contests that the use of Jedi Mind will cause confusion and do damage to its reputation. Wonder what it thinks Star Wars Episodes 1 - 3 did.

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