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Genshin Impact's Cooking Minigame Offers A Cozy Break From Its Roguelike Event

‘Yummy! Barbeque Under the Stars’ brings the joys of cooking to miHoYo’s global smash

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Screenshot of the Genshin Impact cooking event, featuring Childe, Xinyan, Shiki Taishou, and Paimon at a BBQ.
Screenshot: miHoYo

As part of Genshin Impact’s ongoing Labyrinth Warriors event, developer miHoYo has launched a limited-time web game called “Yummy! Barbeque Under the Stars.” In this cooking minigame which can be played via your internet browser, players earn in-game items and primogems (premium currency) for their culinary skills. It’s a cozy experience that I recommend playing with headphones, since the unique music is incredible.

An offshoot of the excellent ongoing roguelike event, Labyrinth Warriors, this minigame sees you cooking fish and concocting new recipes to earn mora (Genshin’s non-premium currency) and potentially other rewards as well. To cook, you’ll need firewood and seasoning, which you collect by completing tasks in your linked Genshin Impact account. These activities include logging into Genshin Impact, completing daily commissions in the main game, spending resin (action points that can be redeemed for combat challenge rewards), and spending mora. To obtain fish, well, you have to wait for the Hydro character Childe to fish for them. He obtains one fish every six hours, making it possible to obtain a little less than 30 fish during this event.


After obtaining these fish, the barbeque game is fairly straightforward. You add varying amounts of seasoning, and then remove the fish from the fire after achieving your desired doneness. Different amounts of seasoning or doneness will produce different types of dishes, and unlocking a new recipe will yield varying amounts of mora. Players who unlock every type of fish recipe are rewarded with ten crystal cores, used for producing condensed resin, which makes grinding for resources a much quicker process. Usually, these cores are only obtainable in limited daily quantities.

The grilled fish can be gifted to Shiki Taishou, an NPC that players meet during the Labyrinth Warriors event. Since he’s made of paper, I’m not sure how he’s eating the grilled fish. But giving him the fish unlocks rewards such as experience books, weapon enhancement ores, in-game currency, crystal cores, and primogems.


The cooking event isn’t the first web event that miHoYo has debuted. Others such as “Stone Harbor Treasure Journal,” “Slime Paradise,” and “The Heron’s Invitation” allowed players to experience additional Genshin story content in “alternate universe” scenarios outside of the main game.

“Yummy! Barbeque Under The Stars” started today, and it will end on November 7.