Uli Kilian once set a world record by solving 100 Rubik's Cubes while running a marathon at the same time. So he's smart. And fit. But the smartest thing he's done might have been building a robot to tap his iPad screen in the middle of the night so that he wakes up to a ton of money in a mediocre free-to-play game. Just look at it. Beautiful, right?

The most annoying thing about most free-to-play games is the way they gate off progression. The worst offenders limit how much you can advance in a session, unless you wait a set amount of time or pay money to get past those barriers. Jurassic Park Builder is one such game but, after playing it a bunch, Kulik decided he wasn't having any of that. Wired UK has the story on how he made a robotic workaround using an Arduino board, pieces of Lego Technic sets and tinfoil. It's damned clever and a great way to subvert the annoying manipulation this kind of game foists on players.

[Wired UK, via Gamasutra]