Gen Con 2020, America's Biggest Board Game Show, Has Been Cancelled

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Just as video games has E3, board games has Gen Con, an enormous trade show that takes place every August and attracts tens of thousands of visitors from across the world. And just like E3, this year’s Gen Con has been cancelled.

Not that anybody really expected the show to take place, since August isn’t that far away and the United States is still very much in Covid 19 hell, but the official announcement had to come out sooner or later.


‘It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the cancellation of Gen Con 2020 this August in Indianapolis”, the show’s organisers write in a statement. “The safety and health of our attendees, exhibitors, and staff are of the utmost importance to us, and we cannot in good conscience host a gathering of thousands while doing so could threaten the health of so many.”

Like loads of other cancelled events, the Gen Con team say there’ll be a replacement show held online between July 30-August 2, which will be “a virtual convention featuring a slate of events and programming you can attend from the safety of your devices and in the comfort of your favorite quarantine sweatpants!”

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This is a MAJOR blow to small businesses that operate booths and events at GenCon. It’s a big f’ing deal for them year after year and they’re already feeling the money fire that this year has been. I’ve worked in the past for the guy that runs Magic the Gathering events there... I haven’t talked to him regarding this but I’d bet a lot of money he’s having just about the worst day right now.