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Gears Of War Devs Reckon Future PlayStation, Xbox Will Be Portable

Illustration for article titled Gears Of War Devs Reckon Future PlayStation, Xbox Will Be Portable

Epic Games, video game engine tycoons and the developers behind Gears of War, have a vision for the future. And that vision includes Xboxes and PlayStations that you can unplug from your TV and carry around with you.


They don't mean handhelds, like the 3DS or PSP. Think more along the lines of something like an iPad, only better.

Epic boss Mark Rein speaks of this future device, no doubt in hushed tones of reverence:

Imagine walking into a bar with some friends, propping it up on the table and playing games like Dance Central or Kinect Adventures anywhere you go. Then when you get home that same device will use technology like AirPlay or wireless HDMI to connect to your big screen, you'll pick up a wireless controller, or use your phone as controller to play games like Gears of War.


These devices would also double (triple?) as phones and data pads, able to carry around non-gaming applications and documents as well. It's not exactly the most radical of futures, but it still sounds swell.

But what of flying cars, Mark Rein? Servant robots? Fusion power? Fried chickens able to cook themselves? What does the future have in store for those wonderful devices?

Epic boss sees next-gen consoles going mobile

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It's pretty likely to happen, but not for a long while yet I think.

Multitasking hardware made portable is something that has been tried many, many times, but it never seems to take off.

Usually the objects attributes aren't all that special, or there is something else that can do the same things, in a better way, just for a very minor inconvenience.

Perhaps a lot comes from branding and support too. For instance, stick an apple on something and it will sell. ;)

Look at the N-Gage. It tried, but failed. But what it did try is now what the latest electronics are trying to do. Why did it fail (other than because it was shit)? Branding, support, price, looks? Maybe just wrong place, wrong time.

Before smart phones became the norm, pocket PC's were available but never really took off. Pricing and battery power are two of the reasons no doubt, but now, once more it is something that modern electronics are looking to do.

You can even look back at calculator watches. They were actually pretty handy. Definitely easier than carrying a calculator around. But then perhaps it's because the times a person uses a calculator may be few and far between. But still, nothing really wrong with the idea. Didn't really take off though again.

Perhaps it's actually pretty obvious and it was all due to a lack of tech to back the idea. Or all of the above included. I'm not sure. Who is?

Let's look at something a little more relevant; the PSPGo. Honestly, there was and is very little wrong with it, but it was deemed as a failure. Why? Was it because it didn't have compatibility with the UMD? Maybe, but it wouldn't bother those who don't have any UMD's. Maybe the pricing? It never stopped anyone from buying an iPhone or even an iPod touch. The what was it?

Again, perhaps it's obvious and I just don't get it. But from my point of view, it just seemed as though WE weren't ready for it. Not the tech itself, the user.

I think that is the issue with all of these devices. There has never been an issue with how they are made, or what they can do. The problem has been with us, and our reluctance to move forward with new things.

This isn't just isolated to electronic devices, it's everything. Take a look at 3D, that stuffs been around for ages and it still might not catch on.

It's tough to be an innovator. Everyone else has to be as ready as you are.