Gears Of War 2 In November

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Yet another release date dropped during Microsoft's E3 2008 press conference as Cliff "Dude Huge" Bleszinski took the stage to show off the next chapter in the Gears of War story. After extensively showing off the game in action, Dude Huge took the stage to announce the release date for the title...Gears of War 2, launching worldwide November 7th. So we have Fable II in October, Gears 2 in November, and the Resident Evil 5 in March. It's release date-o-rama!



Dude, if this was a true first-person game, I would SO be all over it! But played mostly from a third or over-the-shoulder zooming-in type of view or some such nonsense? I don't know... Like the first one, I think I'll pass because of that.