Gearbox Software is celebrating the upcoming release of Samba De Amigo and Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway with a Victory Party, being held this evening at the Palladium Ballroom in Dallas, TX. Festivities kick off at 8:30PM, running til whenever the booze runs out. The party features musical guests Candy West and the Whatchamacallits, Josh Taylor, and (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air guest star) DJ Jazzy Jeff featuring SKILLZ. The party is open to everyone, but you have to be 21 (Samba De Amigo is pretty racy) and you have to RSVP at the website before heading out. They've still got slots open, so if you're in the Dallas area tonight or just a really big DJ Jazzy Jeff fan with airfare money to burn, hit the link below to sign up! Gearbox Software Victory Party [Gearbox Software - Thanks Connor!]