A week ago, we saw a trailer for Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway that was, well, a little unsettling. Not the gore itself, we've seen that before, it was just odd seeing it so, well, glorified in a series that's traditionally prided itself on historical accuracy, not bloodthirsty thrills. And we weren't the only ones unsettled, so Gearbox have come out in defence of the game, telling MTV that the latest clip was a result of the "marketing department looking for specific features to highlight about the game". Explains the frequence of the money shots, at least. They also say that having such extreme violence in the game is necessary if they're to stay faithful to the source material, as "you can’t talk about war and not have it". Hrm. The fact remains, the game will contain those zoom-in, gore-filled money shots. Would a GI fighting in 1944-45 have been treated to an on-rails camera tracking his bullet - in slo-mo, no less - as it flew 100 yards and burst a German head like a pineapple? Gearbox Carefully Defends ‘Brothers In Arms’ Extreme Violence [MTV]