Gatheryn - A Steampunk MMO For Casual Gamers

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Gatheryn welcomes players into a world where steam powers everything from vehicles to mechanical monkeys, and mystery enshrouds a romantic landscape reminiscent of Charles Dickens’ Victorian London.” Stop. You had me at 'steam powered monkeys'. Gatheryn seems to be pitching itself as a sort of World Of Warcraft for people who hate endless grinding and enjoy casual gaming. The game is set in the aforementioned steam monkey paradise and promises to offer in-engine versions of “the 50 most popular casual games of all time.”The developers, MindFuse, plan to let players forgo the usual level grinding in favor of just buying equipment and costumes using game currency earned from playing the casual games or just coughing up with a credit card. A closed PC beta will be available for sign up in December, with an open beta in the new year. The World Of Gatheryn [MindFuse Games]


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Is this giving anyone else Syberia flashbacks?