Gary Oldman Headlines Star-Studded Star Citizen Story Mode Cast

A space senate speech by a virtual Gary Oldman establishes the tone of Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 single-player story mode, featuring the voices of Mark Hamil, Andy Serkis, Gillian Anderson and many, many more.

It’s like Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts is picking up where Wing Commander left off, gathering a massive cast to tell another epic tale of spaceship shooting. We’ve got Wing Commander alum like Mark Hamil and John Rhys-Davies working side-by-side with veterans and relative newcomers alike.

The cast was announced today during the CitizenCon 2015 event in Manchester.

For those of you who’d rather not read the cast list as the credits at the end of a video clip, here’s the full list:

  • Gary Oldman
  • Mark Hamil
  • Mark Strong
  • John Rhys-Davies
  • Jack Huston
  • Ben Mendelsohn
  • Andy Serkis
  • Harry Treadaway
  • Liam Cunningham
  • Rhona Mitra
  • Ian Duncan — The Player
  • Sophie Wu
  • Gemma Whelan
  • Craig Fairbrass
  • Gillian Anderson

Check out the full cast talking about the filming process in the behind-the scenes video below.

And here’s a look at the facial animation tech being used.

Squadron 42 should be ready for play sometime next year. Watch the Star Citizen Twitch channel for more from the event.


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Squadron 42 should be ready for play sometime next year

I’ll believe it when I see it. At the rate they’ve been going, Single Player won’t be nearly ready until 4 years from now.