Gary Oldman Confirms Dark Knight Game

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The Dark Knight is out. Where's the game? In an interview with G4 TV, thespian Gary Oldman let it slip that a Dark Knight game is "in the works." He described how Lieutenant Gordan is in a small scene on top of the Major Crime Unit building when Batman "jumps off the building and opened his wings to fly away and save the day" — "so it doesn't stop and start," says Oldman, "like you're watching a movie." In the now since pulled interview clip, Oldman did not mention the developer or release date. Rumor has it that Pandemic is working on the title. Neato.


'Dark Knight' Game Leaks [The Feed]


@Sammo21: Disagree. G4 is a welcome channel on DirecTV package solely for showing Ninja Warrior and other, more bizarre Japanese gameshows. I challenge you to find better drunken viewing material.

A decade ago, the women of G4 would have provided an adolescent Jonaconda with some top-notch masturbatory material as well, but that was in the dark days before internet pornography became widely available and stealing black-and-white underwear ads in the newspaper for prurient pursuits was commonplace....

...Kids these days don't know how good they got it.

Having said that, I'm looking forward to a TDK game. The movie alone will make me spring for a Bluray player when it's released, so I'll finally complete my console trinity with a PS3 by then.