Gary Oldman Answers Call of Duty

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Activision is adding another famous name to Call of Duty: World At War. Joining accomplished shouter Kiefer "Damn It!" Sutherland, who plays Sgt. Roebuck in the Treyarch developed World War II game, will be Gary Oldman. The co-star of The Dark Knight and The Professional will voice one of the characters in the Russian portion of the World at War campaign.


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Uh! He ruined my suit!

Oh god, Gary Oldman is up there with Malcom McDowell for greatest bad guys. So awesome. Man, I almost had a heart attack in DK, what a close call for one of the best characters. And Leon? Such a great movie. Great cast, story, acting, Oldman, action, Oldman, Oldman, and spectacular Oldman.

I really hope this is good though. I know it's Treyarch, but if it turns up bad, don't say "I told youuuu..."

@cordsie: Haha, wow, I have to applaud a pun that good.

@SilverFireshot: Nah, you're a Mozart fan. I love him too.