When a semi-truck carrying 30 metric tons of sand jackknifed through the concrete barrier into oncoming traffic on Ontario's Highway 401 Friday morning, driver Matthew Krizsan narrowly escaped what might have been a fatal accident.

Krizsan and a female companion were driving along the highway on Friday morning with a dashboard-mounted video camera running when the semi burst through the barrier. It looked like a scene out of a Michael Bay film, an appropriate comparison considering Krizsan's stunt driver-like reaction.

"Everything seemed to slow down and I think all those years playing video games as a kid paid-off," he said in a phone interview.

You can hear bits of debris bouncing off Krizsan's car as he quickly swerves, managing to avoid the truck while staying on the road and not hitting any other vehicles. Whether it was video game-tested reflexes or an adrenalin-fueled moment of clarity, he and his passenger are lucky to be alive.

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