Gaming PR In The Age Of Blogs

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Last week, Gamasutra ran an interview with Tom Ohle, vice president of PR & marketing for CD Projekt, creators of The Witcher. They obviously get to talking about games PR, and in particular some of the challenges facing a public relations team when deciding how to market a game. While I don't agree with many of their points (Ohle's or that of the interviewer), especially that "major blogs just don't really cover" the PC that much (we try to give it it's due whenever & wherever possible), it's still an interesting read, if only for Ohle's idea that even a site with just one reader's worth taking care of, because that's still one potential customer.
Q&A: CD Projekt's Ohle On The Witcher, PR's Place In The Blogosphere [Gamasutra]


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Luke Plunkett

@Baff: I disagree. We try to cover each platform equally. It just so happens the PC is one platform out of seven (and that's just including the major consoles).