Ground meat ain't just for hamburgers, you know. It's also for art.

Over at Tumblr, a blog called Epic Grinds serves as the purveyor of artistic objects created out of ground meat. The owner's skill doesn't stop at meatifying game characters, mind you‚ÄĒthere's a great variety of objects from anime, live-action series, and real life as well.

For example, here's Sonic and his trusty partner, Tails.


Link fighting Ganondorf!

Olimar directing his Pikmin!


Samus and a baby metroid!

Here's Mega Man and Cut Man, getting ready to duke it out.


Ground meat Death Star is looking rather menacing next to ground meat Artoo.

Kitchen: the final frontier.


And finally, here's a few Pokemon. Pikachu's looking a bit deflated, there.

If you haven't run off to make yourself a burger yet, you can check out Epic Grinds' other meat artwork here.


Epic Grinds [Tumblr]

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