Yes! Finally, we can put aside little misdemeanors like the Atomic Bomb and Global Warming โ€” science is A-Ok! New research from the University of Hong Kong claims to show that playing video games is a form of exercise.

Not just physical games like Wii Fit, mind you โ€” even regular thumb-based gaming can help you fight the flab. Before you all rush off and cancel your gym memberships, bear in mind that this report was in UK tabloid The Sun as opposed to, say, New Scientist or Nature.The key may lie with this quote -

Tests showed holding a control and moving your arms to navigate characters burned 40 per cent more calories than doing nothing.

Well, ok. estimates that you burn 68 calories an hour just sitting around breathing and growing hair. An extra 40% of that comes to around 95 calories an hour. A short walk will burn around 275 calories - around the amount found in a Snickers - which might explain why you see so few games consoles in your local gym. Computer Games Can Help You Stay Slim [The Sun]