Gaming And Bus Driving Can Kill A Career

Look, I know that Hawaii is a very laid-back sort of place. Bright sunshine, sandy beaches, news reporters who wear Hawaiian shirts on broadcast television even when not covering a luau, but it can be taken too far. For instance, if you are driving a city bus filled with passengers on a busy street in Honolulu, it's probably not a good idea to break out the PSP and play a couple rounds of Hot Shots Golf.

"With two hands… at times, while he was driving in traffic, yes,” (bus passenger Denita) Waltz said. "And also at the stoplights, and at that point I was very scared."


The driver, an 18-year veteran with The Bus, has been suspended without pay pending further investigation. Not sure what further investigating they need to do here, really. What game he was playing? His high score? Does that affect putting people's lives in danger? Hell yes it does. Bus Driver Suspended For Playing Games While Driving [KITV Honolulu]

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