GameTap Passes Myst Online Back To Cyan

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Myst Online: Uru Live has had somewhat of a difficult life. The online multiplayer component of Uru: Ages Beyond Myst never made it out of the beta testing phase before being canceled in 2004. Then in 2006, Turner Broadcasting's GameTap service revived Uru Live, officially launching the game in February 2007 only to discontinue operation a year later. Now GameTap has given the publishing rights for the game back to Myst creators Cyan Worlds, who plan to relaunch Myst Online later this year.


Cyan president Rand Miller says that the newly relaunched game will include features that will allow players to create their own content, which was hinted at during the game's first relaunch. The revitalized title will carry a fee ($25 for 6 months was suggested) to cover the cost of maintaining servers.

There's something to be said for tenacity, but I fear in this case that something is "Just let it die already."

GameTap gives Myst Online back to Cyan. Cyan says it's opening the game to fan development [TXT - Thanks Kyven]]



I'm a genuine Uru enthusiast. I think Uru's a fantastic game, even though it has some design flaws. It's dated technically, yes, but it still looks quite good generally because it was ahead of the curve when it first appeared in 2003, and the art direction is superb, which helps a lot. It's not the same game it was in 2001, either - the engine has been improved somewhat (Plasma 2.1), it's mac-compatible, and is much larger in playable area than it was in 2003. As for the online format, it works well enough. The community is welcoming, the social networking systems are fairly well-designed, and some of the MO:UL ages - Delin, Tsogahl, and Jalak come to mind - are built for multiplayer puzzle-solving/minigame-playing. Also, generally, having friends around in a Myst world helps when you're stuck on a puzzle.

As for MO:RE, I'm in favor of it - so much so that I opened a site promoting it -

However, MO:RE is on hold, Uru is closed and possibly dead for good this time. It's a shame, Cyan was only 3 months and $150,000 or so away from opening MO:RE, when they ran out of discretionary funds for the project. If their games keep selling new copies, though, that could pay for it after a while...

MO:RE is the first Uru format that makes actual business sense. It'd be dirt cheap for Cyan to run once opened and there are a lot of fans trying to create worlds (currently with fan-made tools) and they'd like the chance to run Uru themselves and work with the tools that Cyan uses internally, the Plasma engine source code and 3ds max plugins and all of that stuff which would be released free to the public if MO:RE opened.

Plus, it'd mean that the $7 million or so of MO:UL content would be available to players again instead of being shelved and inaccessible.

So, yeah, I want to see MO:RE opened soon.