GameTap has an all-new service! Completely redesigned, from the ground up. And while it stuttered, fell over and died for a little bit at launch, it's now all good.

Courtesy of a "technical outage", users heading over to the site to check out the new digs last night were not greeted by a new GameTap. They were instead greeted by a message proclaiming

The website is currently experiencing technical difficulties, we are working quickly to get things back to normal. We are aware of the inability to login, slow performance, errors when launching the client, and permissions with the forum.

Being a "technical outage" and not a "serious screw-up", it was however soon rectified, and you're now free to go check out the new, improved GameTap, which unlike the previous GameTap, doesn't look like it was designed in 1994.

Now that the service has had a visual and technical upgrade, how about a service one? Those free games were awful nice...


We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties [GameTap]