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At the time LeBron James was announced as one of NBA 2K19's cover stars, he was a Cleveland Cavalier. He’s since signed for the Lakers, which for the second year running has left 2K’s marketing in need of some urgent changes.


For the sake of accuracy, it’s a matter some GameStop stores are taking into their own hands. Here’s some enterprising DIY to swap LeBron’s Cavs jersey out for a Lakers one:


And here’s a less enterprising effort:

Amazingly, though both of those photos were taken by the same guy (thanks friendsdontlast!), they’re of completely different GameStops, one in his home town, another where he goes to college.

It wouldn’t be, but I’d love to imagine this is official GameStop policy. “Uh, hey everyone, can you please DIY your own Lakers jerseys on the 2K signs? Doesn’t matter how you do it, fuck it. Tape, paper, whatever! Thanks. XXOO Headquarters.”


UPDATE: More. This is from Pleasanton, Texas:

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