At the time LeBron James was announced as one of NBA 2K19's cover stars, he was a Cleveland Cavalier. Heā€™s since signed for the Lakers, which for the second year running has left 2Kā€™s marketing in need of some urgent changes.

For the sake of accuracy, itā€™s a matter some GameStop stores are taking into their own hands. Hereā€™s some enterprising DIY to swap LeBronā€™s Cavs jersey out for a Lakers one:

And hereā€™s a less enterprising effort:


Amazingly, though both of those photos were taken by the same guy (thanks friendsdontlast!), theyā€™re of completely different GameStops, one in his home town, another where he goes to college.

It wouldnā€™t be, but Iā€™d love to imagine this is official GameStop policy. ā€œUh, hey everyone, can you please DIY your own Lakers jerseys on the 2K signs? Doesnā€™t matter how you do it, fuck it. Tape, paper, whatever! Thanks. XXOO Headquarters.ā€

UPDATE: More. This is from Pleasanton, Texas: