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So, Batman: Arkham City is a leading contender for Game of the Year and, as would follow, its reviews have been very positive. Anyone who hasn't bought it yet is probably just scrimping and saving, waiting for just the right sale to finally get them to commit to saving Gotham City.

The one that GameStop's currently offering ain't it.

The giant retail chain's trying to entice Batfans by offering the 1995 Batman Forever


Now, I know that this is Gamestop and Warner Brothers probably trying to work some synergy mojo. The likely thinking is that binding a hot game with an associated film property will generate interest in the new UltraViolet media streaming initiative. If the movie were good, well, then, sure. But, Batman Forever's widely regarded as the worst of all the cinematic interpretations of the Caped Crusader. Put Batman Begins or The Dark Knight up for streaming and then you've got a deal might actually get folks to try out Ultraviolet. But no one's showing up for Schwarznegger's Mr. Freeze Jim Carrey's Riddler, GameStop. No one.

Play as Batman now, watch Batman Forever [GameStop]

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