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Gamestop Planning UK Assault Via Woolworth's Buyout

Illustration for article titled Gamestop Planning UK Assault Via Woolworths Buyout

US megachain Gamestop have never had much of a foothold here in the UK - they have a couple of shops but are tiddlers compared to big fish GAME. This may change.


Former high street kings Woolworths (no longer connected to the American company F.W. Woolworth) have fallen on hard times and gone into adminstration - Gamestop have spotted an opportunity and are reportedly set to bid for half of Woolworths' 815 UK outlets. This will instantly make them the UK's biggest games retailer,

A source told MCV, "GAME frustrated GameStop when it bought GameStation. Bosses at GameStop had pretty much given up on launching a UK assault – but now, thanks to Woolies, that door is open again."


Now GameStop eyes Woolies stores

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This is a real shame as I have been going to Woolies ever since I was little. If this deal does go through and the UK is riddled with with Gamestops and GAME alike, then it shall be a very sad day.

Also, if they're trying to become big in the game market here they are trying to out do the wrong people - Asda is one to beat when it comes to game sales. And good luck with that one chaps.