GameStop Offering Unlimited 6-Month Access To Preowned Games

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GameStop is introducing a new thing called PowerPass, which is a program that lets you pay $60 then, for six months, play as many pre-owned games as you want.


PowerPass lets you choose a game from GameStop’s preowned library, take it home then swap it for something else when you’re done. There’s no limit on the number of games you can play during the six months, though you can only be renting one at a time.

It’s a solid deal, but the best part might be that when the six months are up, you get to choose a preowned game to keep.

The program is available only to PowerUp Rewards members (so that the game they’ve got can be tracked), and you can only choose from games on the shelf in a physical store, not from the company’s online catalogue. And they do mean any preowned game: there won’t be any restrictions or limited pools to choose from.

The program starts November 19.

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I wonder how developers - you know, those who actually MAKE the games, as opposed to just profiting from them - will react to this. Because let’s be honest, GameStop by doing this is just creating a private game-swap club where people can play anything they want (as long as it’s on stock I guess) without paying the developers a dime. They aren’t even disguising it under the right to sell your goods anymore either, which means developers could try and stop this program or have their games removed from it because, well, they haven’t agreed to having their titles rented - and most things you buy in stores is specifically stated not for rental.

Now one could say “perhaps GameStop struck deals with developers,” but considering that 1- This applies to ALL titles, and I don’t think they would have struck deals with everyone, and 2- This is Gamestop ffs, I expect that not to be the case. Which means that developers that were already being hurt by Gamestop’s incessant pushing towards resales just got worse, but developers now do have a case.

If I’m right this will likely be brought to court rather soon, or we’ll see Gamestop start saying this or that title doesn’t participate in their program.