GameStop Exclusive Borderlands 2 Content Leads Players to the Slaughter Dome

We don't need another four heroes. We don't need to know the way home. All we need is a way to get Borderlands 2's Creature Slaughter Dome without having to preorder the game through GameStop.


Not that I have anything personal against GameStop. I'm just not fond of the whole content limited to a single retailer dealio, even if it's as temporary as this is likely to be. Thankfully Borderlands 2 should have plenty of other things to do while the folks that would rather not secure this mini-Moxxi remake through preorder channels.

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The Father of Modern Laziness

Ok, someone sell me on Borderlands 2. I thought The first one was loads of fun for the first ...... six hours. I thought the next 3-4 hours were a little too familiar.... then it just became the same fight with the same assortment of enemies over and over until I quit. Does anyone know if BL2 is addressing this issue? I don't mean just more enemy types, though that would help a great deal, but maybe introducing more variation across the board. If anyone has heard the fine folks at (enter BL game dev here) mention this issue, I doubt I was alone here, lemme know.