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GameStop Employees Suing Over Unpaid Conditions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Multinational retailer GameStop is facing a lawsuit from its own employees over security checks the company performs on them whenever they go for a break or clock off for the day.

It's policy to make sure nobody has stolen anything when coming and going from a store, yet while this may seem intrusive and untrusting, that's not the reason the suit is being brought against GameStop. Instead, it's being brought because the time it takes to perform those checks is time the employees aren't being paid.

A former GameStop employee has filed the suit with the Superior Court of California, claiming that these security checks infringed upon worker's rights to uninterrupted breaks, and that workers paid hourly rates were not compensated for the time it took to complete these checks.


In terms of damages, the suit is asking for one hour's pay for each day an employee did not receive their full, entitled break times under California law.

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