Gamescom Set to Explode with Rage, APB, Modern Warfare 2 in Two Weeks

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With Gamescom just two weeks away, the recently transplanted show is heating up to outshine its already white hot predecessor in Leipzig.


The new European games convention, shifted this year from Leipzig to Cologne, will feature most of the major game developers, plenty of press conferences and an absurd amount of games. The list of developers on hand include Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Activision, Electronic Arts, Sega, Square Enix, Take-Two, Ubisoft and Capcom.

We've just received Activision and Electronic Arts play lists and they're impressive, including games like Modern Warfare 2, RAGE and APB.

Activision plans to bring all of their big titles with them to the show. That means we'll be getting time with Modern Warfare 2, Bakugan, Singularity, Blur, Tony Hawk RIDE, DJ Hero, Band Hero and Guitar Hero 5.

Electronic Arts too will come to Germany packing some major heat with nearly 20 titles to show off. That means time with APB, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Brütal Legend, C&C 4, Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect 2, Need for Speed SHIFT, Need for Speed NITRO, RAGE, The Beatles Rock Band, FIFA 10 (next gen), MySims Agents, TS3EP1, Army of Two: The 40th Day, Dante's Inferno, Dead Space Extraction, The Saboteur, NHL and Tiger Woods Online.

We've also heard that Square Enix will be showing off Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIV, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Mini Ninjas and Order of War. The biggest news coming from Square for the show is that Supreme Commander 2 will be playable for the first time anywhere during Gamescom.

We'll be feet-on-the-ground, live at the show getting hands-on with all of the big games and liveblogging the big press conferences, including a recently announced one from Electronic Arts.


With rumors swirling that a Playstation 3 price cut is landing the week of the show and Sony set to have a press conference that Tuesday, this could shape up to be one of the biggest Euro games conventions yet.



Looking forward to more news on APB. Any MMO with good player-customisation options will always get a look-in from me.

Plus, it's being developed locally, so rooting for the 'home team' as well.