Games On Demand Adds GRAW, Kane, Lynch, Zombies

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Sure, for the most part it's still way too expensive, but Microsoft keep plugging away with their Games on Demand service for the Xbox 360, adding three more games to the lineup for the month of January.

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfare 2 is out today in all regions except Japan, while Kane & Lynch is also ready for download everywhere except Korea and...the United States.


On January 26, they'll be followed by Dead Rising. It's exactly the kind of game that should be on GoD - a game whose reputation has exceeded its initial sales - so hopefully Microsoft and Capcom come to their senses when it comes to pricing.

Speaking of high prices, however, remember: Microsoft also announced today that five of the first games released on GoD - BioShock, Saints Row, MX vs. ATV Untamed, Prey and Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution - have all had their prices cut back.

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Damn, I thought they were on there now. I've been meaning to buy Dead Rising when it got cheap.

But question is, is it cheaper to digitally download it, or buy it at gamestop. If I buy it, I can at least return it for a little money, or better yet trade with someone I know.