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Even with the console now out, there's a lot of mystery surrounding the design and capabilities of the graphics processing unit (GPU) on the new Wii U. Nintendo hasn't provided any detailed specs on the thing, and to date users haven't been able to glean much by simply cracking the hardware open and taking a look.


A collaborative effort between tech site/store Chipworks and the users at NeoGAF is hoping to fix that. After finding out that GAF users had been chipping in cash to purchase hi-res "die photos" of the Wii U, which would let them pick over it and hopefully provide more info than Nintendo has been willing to disclose, Chipworks donated just such an image—which they normally sell, as they're difficult to obtain—worth around $2500.

Findings are so far preliminary and, let's be honest, of limited value to the average gamer, but for the technically-minded—or those who simply enjoy a good ol' mob investigation—it's great reading.


Looking at the Wii U Graphics Processor [Chipworks]

Wii U "Latte" GPU Die Photo [NeoGAF]

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