Gamer Builds Extremely Ugly Gameboy-Sized NES Portable

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While I've long been a supporter of the custom console movement, sometimes I see a project that really makes me wonder what the point is. Take this portable, Gameboy-sized NES, based off of a Super Joy III Nintendo clone. Sure, it's slightly smaller than the original Gameboy and contains 72 built-in games, but oh my god is it hideous to look at. "But it's all about the convenience!" you say? I have at least five devices within my reach that are smaller, prettier, and more than capable of tackling an 8-bit Nintendo title should I deem it necessary. I say if you really, really want to make a tiny, portable NES, at least make it look less like Doctor Who prop from the late 70's and more like something you'd actually want to play a game on. Hit the link for more pictures, sadly not including ones of the sliced-up thumb after it gets caught on the hastily-cut metal sheeting. Feature: Gamer Builds Game Boy-Sized NES Portable [TechEBlog]


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That's a bit harsh... I don't see you with any self-modded hardware!