Gameloft Moves 200 Million Mobile Games

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Mobile gaming giant Gameloft proves just how giant they are today, announcing that they have sold more than 200 million mobile games since the company first launched back in 2003.


While Gameloft is one of the world's leading publisher of mobile phone games, they owe the majority of their 2008 sales to the Apple App Store, surpassing all other methods of distribution last year, and their recent entry into the world of downloadable console titles has certainly helped as well.

"At Gameloft, we believe that consumers are uncompromising," said Michel Guillemot, President of Gameloft. "They want the best games for the mobile phone or console in their pocket or at home. They also want immediate access at the lowest cost. We channel our creativity and our determination into creating entertainment that corresponds to their expectations and their need for diversion. That includes adapting it to their lifestyle and their budget.

This would be the point where I would say, and for some reason they chose Gameloft titles instead, but Guillemot instead finishes off with "These are the reasons they buy our games in such great numbers." I suppose that's a much better ending for a celebratory press release. Nice going, Gameloft. You keep churning them out, and someone out there will keep buying them.



I work there too hehehe, it's cool to see people hate on the company I work for, for no good reason