Gamecock Resurrected As Devolver Digital?

Today's announcement of Serious Sam: The First Encounter HD for Xbox Live Arcade had a hidden bonus announcement buried within, the existence of Devolver Digital. That's the new production company from the founders of the extinct Gamecock and G.O.D.

Described as a "small, laser-focused production and publishing company based in Austin, Texas, (also with one very lonely desperado in London) from an unnamed group of industry veterans/outlaw refugees," Devolver Digital is the home of Mike Wilson and Harry Miller, two of the co-founders of Gathering of Developers and Gamecock, according to a report from Big Download.


Mike Wilson told Big Download that Devolver is "basically acting as the production company for the XBLA game, since we are not an official MSFT publisher yet." Devolver will, however, be publishing the PC version of Serious Sam HD.

Gathering of Developers-Gamecock founders return as Devolver Digital [Big Download]

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