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Gamecock Goes Digital Download

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Several Gamecock titles will be available for digital download through PC download portal GamersGate, starting with Stronghold Crusader Extreme in May, Insecticide in June and Velvet Assassin to follow in Q3, the companies announced today.


Gamecock demoed its lineup in more detail earlier this year at its EIEIO press event in Austin, Texas, where amid burlesque dancing, truckloads of Corona and lots of talk about Rollergirls, the developer seemed to want to show off its progressive vibe. Given that many are looking to digital download platforms for the future of PC gaming, it seems a modern-minded move for Gamecock.

GamersGate and Gamecock join forcesNew York, USA (May 8, 2008)- Leading global PC download portal GamersGate announced today that much talked about publisher Gamecock Media Group has joined the increasing group of established publishers on GamersGate. The first title to be released under this agreement is the Strategy title Stronghold Crusader Extreme in May, followed by the bisodic Action-Adventure game Insecticide, with the first episode available in June. Upcoming additions include among other titles Velvet Assassin, planned for Q3 2008. "Gamecock has taken the entire gaming industry by storm and we are thrilled to add their exciting titles to our growing portfolio," said Theodore Bergquist, CEO of GamersGate. "This is an important partnership for us because GamersGate really delivers to players," said Harry Miller, El Presidente at Gamecock. "Working with GamersGate to support independent gaming is awesome. Now fans will have a one stop online shop to get the goods." To find out more about GamersGate, please go to About GamersGate GamersGate is a leading digital distribution platform creating easily accessible gaming experiences for gamers worldwide- anytime, anywhere. Seen as a strong contender on the digital download arena, GamersGate continues to redefine the download industry and future strategies include the launch of several accompanying services in addition to an aggressively growing product portfolio from a wide range of internationally recognized publishers. About Gamecock Media Group Based in Austin, Texas, Gamecock Media Group offers a welcome solution to the bloated and originality-starved video game industry. A well-funded, independent, artist-driven company, Gamecock favors the most innovative and original video game developers in the industry. Publishing games for all platforms, Gamecock offers its developers a high degree of participation, freedom and financial incentives, allowing them to perform and create to their utmost ability. For more, please visit

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fuck this noise

@DugDawg: It's up in the air. Stronghold is an RTS from the days before the term existed, which, presumably, is being updated. I don't think it's better than the total war series, but what do I know. They've got some game where you play a mushroom, which is cute, but not particularly interesting. It'll depend on the writing whether its worth playing.

What's odd to me is that the GC guy who's prolonged his wretched unlife by rising from the corpse of each experimental venture he cooks up in the lab, like GOD games, didn't start the digital download spiel years ago, on the grounds that it was Teh Fewcharz! His digital magazine idea certainly seems to be panning out... 10 years later.