Game Where You're A Jerk Cat Could Become A Real Thing

Catlateral Damage is already a fun browser game about knocking things off of shelves as a cat, but now it can become a full game, with features like lounging in sunbeams and tripping on catnip.


We've shown the browser version before, but with the adorable kickstarter video above and the list of planned features, how could you not give this game another look?


Here are some of the features planned for the full version:

  • Chase (or ignore) mice. You can play with or catch them!
  • Sit in a box, lie in a sunbeam, or both at once
  • Chase a laser pointer and completely freak out
  • Hack up a hairball. Why not?
  • Find long lost cat toys under the couch and play with them
  • Explore/hide underneath the bed
  • Trip out on catnip
  • Stand at a doorway and be indecisive about going in or out
  • Meow using state of the art, cutting edge meowing technology
  • Act indignant because you are the higher species

You can back the game on Kickstarter here, and you can play it yourself here.

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Greg the Mad

Can't wait for Rift support.