Game Trailer Or Bad 80's Sci-Fi Show? You Decide!

Red 5 Studios went to a lot of trouble to make some real-life outfits based on their online shooter Firefall, so it's understandable they went and made a live-action trailer for the game's impending public debut.


It's just a shame that it...yeah.

On the bright side, Firefall is now in open beta! It's not technically out, but as with most multiplayer online games these days, that's pretty much the same thing, albeit in this case you should know that large chunks of the game are yet to be completed, as it's a constant work-in-progress.


What does everyone think of Firefall? I played it for a bit, stopped, then a bit more a few months ago and I didn't really like it. It was just kind of boring. It may also have been partly attributed to the fact that I got stuck on one of the early quests. The PVP was also brutal despite my initial thoughts that it would be very easy to pick up and go.

What's the game about, really? Does it become more fun with more people? Planetside 2 is pretty fun with a group of people, but play it alone and it's quite a bad game.